Spray booth problems??

Spray booth article

The above article is a nice little piece about potential problems that can be experienced in a spray booth anywhere. Typically these are the types of issues you can get from “Fred in a Shed” although he is better than “Man in a Van”, so long as he has a spray booth – always ask to see the spray booth!
At ooops! we have the latest computerised, environmentally Friendly Spray booth that is serviced twice per year along with the compressor and airlines, gas and electricity supply. At this service the Ceiling, floor and “Bag” Filters are changed, we actually change our floor filters once per month and our “Bag” filters quarterly, this is above and beyond what is recommended by the Booth manufacturer. This ensures we don’t get the results that these Americans obtained and why 50% of our clients every month are repeat business and 40% of our new business is from referrals from existing clients.

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