For the ladies

For many women, visiting a garage or car body shop can be an intimidating and unfriendly experience. How do you know you can trust these businesses not to blind you with technology or rip you off?

ooops! takes this issue very seriously, and is now recognised by FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a female-friendly business  “It is important to us that women of all ages can feel comfortable coming to ooops! for an estimate, safe in the knowledge that they will be treated fairly and with respect.  We won’t overcharge you, patronise you or sell you services you don’t need”, says Paul Booker, MD, indeed, we have fixed menu pricing and we have not changed our prices since we commenced trading in 2002.

“FOXY Club works hard to identify the female friendly motor businesses in an industry that is largely run by men for men. This means we meet some smashing and caring concerns like ooops! which we are delighted to promote”, says Stephanie Savill from Foxy Lady Drivers. 

Garages, dealers and dealerships that sign the FOXY Club Promise are in effect self-certifying their female friendly credentials. Steph Savill: “We reserve the right to eject any 'couldn't care less' or worse behaviour of course. “


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