Alloy refurbishment

Your problem:
Scuffs, scrapes and scratches on your alloy wheels?
Even worse, tyres going down due to corroded rims?

Our solution:
Alloy Refurbishmentooops! offers alloy refurbishment and will return your wheels within three days to wherever you are in mainland UK. There's no need for you to remove the tyres – and it can be the ideal alternative to buying new wheels. 
If your tyres are going down, your wheels will need bead blasting and we charge £19 each wheel for this on top of the refurbishment price and need any wheel two extra days for this process 

ooops! recommends the use of axle stands to support your car whilst we complete the work.  These are easily purchased or hired from Halfords or other motor spares outlets.


Alloy Refurbishment - Before and After

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