Your problem:
Is your car’s paint gloss decreasing? Do you constantly have to clean, polish and wax to maintain the quality of your car? Is your interior prone to stains and damage?

Our solution:

ooops! has obtained the rights to distribute a paint protection product that has been used by the Navy and Air Force for over 20 years.  Using pioneering nano-technology this unique product, tripleO, has now been released from its military licence and is being taken forward commercially by ooops! Find out more by visiting

The nano-technology used in tripleO creates a perfectly smooth surface, resisting the accumulation of dirt that occurs in the ‘hills and valleys’ of a painted surface. 

The actual bonding of the tripleO to the paint eliminates the need to re-apply a protection product repeatedly. (In other words, no more need to polish your vehicle!)

tripleO protects your paintwork

  • you will never need to wax your vehicle again
  • your car will have a deep glossy lustre all the time
  • paintwork will be protected from tree sap and birds mess

tripleO interior protects against permanent stains caused by food, dirt, chewing gum, drink, make-up, crayons, ink, oil based stains, urine and vomit. It eliminates cracking, fading and discolouration due to UV damage

MD of ooops! Paul Booker says, “I believe we have found the pre-eminent paint protection product, and it’s one to which I am prepared to commit the ooops! L I F E T I M E  G U A R A N T E E. After extensive research we believe we have found the only product that delivers on all its claims.”


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